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04/02/2019 Wing Bless Buffs

The release of wings in item mall has been delayed until a fix is found for an error encountered in recent testing. Please be bare with us!

In the meantime [GM]Helper can add these manually to your account and deduct the silk from your chosen account.

Some Information about the wings:

GOSRO Bless Buff (30 day) - 800 Silk

Fire Bless Buff (30 day) - 500 Silk

Ice Bless Buff (30 day) - 500 Silk

Light Bless Buff (30 day) - 500 Silk

02/02/2019 Latest Patch Version 1.90(See Changes Below)
  • 1.5x Alchemy Rate Change
  • PK Status will be disabled to due many reports of unfair killings
  • Max stack of stones and tablets increased to x100
  • 2x coin drop rate at Holy Water Temple Copper / Silver / Gold coins
  • Fix Job Temple issue
  • Fix 9th Degree prices appearing at NPC
  • New loading screens

  • IMPORTANT: Start GOSRO.exe to allow update to install!
22/01/2019 Latest Update

After feedback it was identified that it was hard to get 12th Degree SOX Items from Egypt Uniques so i have done the following:

Lord Yarkan drops 3-5 Copper Coins (50% Chance)
Demon Shaitan drops 3-5 Silver Coins (50% Chance)
Medusa drops 3-5 Copper/Silver Coins & 5-10 Gold Coins (50% Chance)

Enjoy The New Features

Thanks from the GOSRO Team

29/12/2018 Server under maintenance for 4 hours (29.12.2018 - 22:00pm until 02:00am)


Due to upcoming patches the server will be under maintenance while we carry out tests on our latest patch to the server. Please be paitent while we do this.

Thanks and happy new year!

From GOSRO Team

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